Empress Kaity Creations has pulled it off again with this amazing hand made Africa Khaki Wrap around Skirt. The Africa print is hand designed and strictly ROOTS…..

 JAH BLESS and Give thanks for supporting The Crucial Culture Shop



Skirt Measurements as follows:
Length = 34 inches
Wrap around ties = 103 inches
Skirt waist = 50 inchesHand Made African Star Khaki Wrap Skirt – 64.99

All our clothing is made with love. Idle hands become the devil friend so I&I choose to keep I self busy…… Handmade rasta garments at The Crucial Culture Shop…. Give thanks for the time spent on our blog. If you like our work please pass it on. JAh bless and Keep u all.

Click the image or follow the link »»»


Looking for Rasta, Reggae, Jamaican, or Ethiopian, Clothing and Accessories? Then you have come to the right place. Big up the Rasta colors, on these Rastafarian clothes. For Haile Selassie, Lion of Judah, and other authentic roots clothing, and Ethiopian accessories, we are The Crucial Culture Shop. Rastafari clothing should be made with love. Ours is created with nothing but. So remember the name »> The Crucial Culture Shop »> Our inventory of Reggae Music, Rasta gear, and other essential Rasta roots items is always growing and changing.


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