Welcome you are looking at a beautiful Ethiopian Coptic Procession Cross. At 26.5 inches by 19 inches this Lalibela Procession cross is ITES…  

Christianity came to Ethiopia in 325 AD making it Africa’s longest Christian tradition. Crosses are carried in processions during annual festivals and church services as symbols of triumph, as instruments of protection, and as objects of devotion. This particular type of cross, cut from flat sheets of metal welded and riveted to a shaft and decorated with incised images, first appeared during the Gondarian period established by emperor Fasilädäs (reigned 1632-67).

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This item is being offered with a free gift. If you order this cross I will include one 1972 Haile Selassie 5 dollar silver coin. The coin is .999 solid silver and is valued at around $30.00.

1972 Haile Selassie coin .999 silver

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