Handmade Clothing By Empress Kaity
These fine Wrap skirts can be made to order according to your size needs. Please be aware that it will take about a week to custom build your skirt and pricing will be based on materials required. If you would like a custom made skirt just make a connection.
The Skirt on display is 32.5 inches long by 61 inches wide at the waist and secures in wrap around fashion.
The Waist wrap is 104 inches in length.

We design these skirts by hand on an individual basis. Our goal is not to create production clothing but to promote quality hand made items. No two items will be exactly identical…

This is handmade ROOTICAL clothing.
The Crucial Culture Shop is an investment into the lives of our family. We are a progressive living family who have found that it is better to invest your time into the things that will invest in you. Rastafari has never stopped investing in I&I and so it is with this vibration that we move forward. We currently have two cubs in the house who are active members in the production, and artistic expression, of the family. The oldest has the heart of a Lioness and is currently home-schooled here at our home. The second and newest member to our family is a young Rasta prince in training. Jah know he is my first son. Our lives are lives of positive action. Only through positive actions can positive manifestations be realized. Education (or I-JAH-Cation) is fundamental in the process of self recognition. Self Recognition is fundamental in the process of fulfilling the will of Jah. We have to know ourselves before we can know another. Through out this venture there have been trials and tribulations. But their also remain works to accomplish.

Jah Rastafari Bless and keep u all…

To visit our store click the image or follow the link below


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