Blessed Love


It was a slow day in terms of posting for I&I and much of I&I posts were a bit off the usual topic, I hope this did not turn anyone away. I have to get some rest as it has been a busy few days and I have a few more to go. I hope and pray that Jah is there with you all itinually seen. For the record I truly apreci-love the support from each of you. How good and how pleasant it is, ya dun know. Keep it real. For the shout outs, it’s simple really: Fyablaze and iamjaszyy, the two of you have been a wonderful blessing and I am so thankful that you both have liked and shared so much of our blog with your people. Please dont stop and it will be remembered if you ever choose to visit our shop. Please make sure to link up before you do so, I&I will make sure you both get a family discount in some way shape or form. I cant do this unless you link me before you buy so please when the time is right just link up seen…. To everyone else, give thanks for the follows, the likes, and the reblogs. and Please continue to support The Crucial Culture Family… Rastafari bless you all and have a blessed evening.



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