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Haile Selassie the First – 1972 Ethiopia 5 Dollar Proof Silver Coin

The Best Money have Selassie pon it….

This coin is still in it’s unopened original plastic jewel case meaning it has never been touched by human hands. The coin was minted out of the Swiss Mint in 1972 to commemorate the life and manifestations of Haile Selassie. There were about 5000 of this coin minted and the value can only increase.

25.00 grams of .999 Pure Silver = .8030 ozs. ASW

This Coin is getting harder to find in it’s original red casing. With a low mintage of around 5000 pieces, and a skyrocketing silver price the coin is a great investment. It is also a blessed addition to any Haile Selassie collection.

Please Note: The coin you will receive is in the original plastic case complete with a raised Crown Seal and Lion. I have included the second image of the coin out of the case so that you may see the detail of the coin without the plastic case. These are not the same coin. The plastic case is sealed and can not be opened without being broken. The coin you are buying is sealed and untouched.

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