Greetings, I am sorry for the seemingly absent week here on Tumblr. We have taken on a huge undertaking and decided to move our shop from Ebay to Etsy. Of course this requires a huge amount of work both digitally as well as physically. At the end of the day it seems that Etsy may be a better fit for us.

I have been a small seller on Ebay for about 7 years now and I have noticed a growing trend. That is that Ebay continues to fill up with items which are mass produced. This includes many of the others sellers who are selling Rasta fashions, and other related items. Because we produce our products here at home and by hand we just cant compete. Many of the dresses, shoes, and other products on Ebay are being made in China or Indonesia and seem to be the result of some form of cheap labor because the sellers can always list the items for next to nothing.

It is I&I hope that people will respond to this move in a positive manner and support it to the highest of heights. Etsy is a great community of independent artists and craft makers who have joined together to create a community which highlights HANDMADE Arts and Crafts. Please visit us there and check out our shop. If you dont find something you like vist any one of the other beautiful shops on Etsy and be amazed by the talents that really exist in this earth. JAH IS GREAT.

Follow the link to visit Etsy or visit our shop direct throught the Etsy store widget below..


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