When we put this skirt together we were clearly going for the traditional khaki skirt vibe. Our choice of a camo patch with the Black African Star was based on my desire to establish a militant feel with a solid foundation.

Bless up Crucial Culture Creations ya hear. Big up yourselves. From you have a dream, establish a goal and dont give up. Action and Determination seen. ONE LOVE!


The Crucial Culture Shop is proud to offer this amazing hand made African Star MILITANT design wrap skirt. This skirt will fit most people and is made in a 3 panel design. The belt is long and can be worn to the side, on the front, or in the back. This skirt is made out of a light weight 70/30 cotton blended fabric. Please view measurements before ordering. The Skirt will fit most people but it is always a good choice to read and be sure.
JAH BLESS and Give thanks for looking at our listings.
The Crucial Culture Shop

Skirt Measurements as follows:
Length = 33 inches
Wrap around ties = 155 inches
Skirt waist = 57 inches

If you are looking for Rasta, Reggae, Jamaican, or Ethiopian, Clothing and Accessories? Then you have come to the right place. Big up the Rasta colors, on these Rastafarian clothes. For Haile Selassie, Lion of Judah, and other authentic roots clothing, and Ethiopian accessories, we are The Crucial Culture Shop. Rastafari clothing should be made with love. Ours is created with nothing but. So remember the name »> The Crucial Culture Shop


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