Blessed Uprise Tumblr Massive:
As I&I lift mine eyes unto the Jah I&I give thanks and praise for the breath of life seen. Like Mountains seated round about Jerusalem, So is Emperor Selassie I around I&I. Rastafari Bleass all the I dem and forgive I&I absence of the last week. I&I will begin today in a little while with some music and vibes as you all had become used to seen. We are going through some transitions and the summer months have left our family with a lot of work to accomplish. We are in the process of moving our shop and re-opening on Etsy because we feel that it may be a better venue for our handmade and Ethiopian clothing. Our other items such as our books on Rastafari, Croptic Crosses and so on will still be on the Ebay site at least for another month or so until we complete this transition. Please take advantage of the fact the for the moment almost everything on that site is on sale. I think there are only about 3 items there not reduced at the current time.

As we begin the literally huge process of opening a second store, One that will feature our handmade clothing in a more forward role. I am asking that all the I dem have patience and please support the vibes by partaking in our huge sale on ebay,

For Know:
Etsy Store For Handmade Clothing >

Ebay Store For TextBooks, Reggae things, and so on >


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