Rastafari Bless

Give thanks for following us.

Because we value u all so highly I am offering a discount code for those of you who have found us here on Tumblr. I believe that the way this works is simple. When you place something into your shopping cart there will be a place to enter the code. The discount will be automatically calculated in your total when you enter the code.

The Tumblr Coupon code is 00001 

Please use it as much as u want. There is no end date, rather this is a small gift to those of u here on Tumblr who like our works and would like to support them.

Enter it in the provided box before you pay and it will fix the price as you go. This is a special for our Tumblr followers and I pray you will each take advantage and grab something nice. If you dont see what you want link up as we are always happy to take your custom orders. The discount will still apply with use of this code. Jah bless and keep you all and thank you again for following.

At the current time you do have to be a member of Etsy to buy from our shop so please sign up. It is free to join and there are literally thousands of shops filled to the brim with beautiful handmade crafts. Honestly I don’t think you can ever get tired of looking through all the beautiful items at that site. At least I cant, but I love to see handmade artisans share their crafts. One day we will have our own shop but for now this is the thing and I hope you will all have patience as we grow.

Open this post to view our tumblr interactive shop or hit the banner above to visit our shop on Etsy….. BLESS



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