“I once knew a man who complained he couldn’t have a new pair of sneakers. Than he saw a man that had no feet. ya nah see it.”(JahWitness)

Sight up the works of JahWitness…. RASpect

     King’s Music is owned and operated by The Jah Witness Family. The shop will feature vintage reggae music, original art, and custom made Nyabinghi drums. These drums are made by the original Rastafari, master drum builder Jah Witness. With more than 15 years of experience, Jah Witness has perfected the process of creating original custom made Nyabinghi Drums. Nyaharps authentic Nyabinghi drums have been featured on stage with reggae artists such as The Abyssinians, Luciano and Israel Vibration. There is simply not a better drum available anywhere. Nyaharps have been used by all mansions of Rastafari including Nyabingi, Ethiopian World Federation, Twelve Tribes, and Bobo Houses, from New York, to Shashamane. If you are looking for a high quality, well crafted, cultured Nybinghi Drum created by a master of the craft, King’s Music is simply the only destination.

     King’s Music is a branch of The Jah Witness Family whose overarching mission is to share with you the culture, crafts, and music of Rastafari and Haile Selassie. Jah Witness himself is a reggae performer and longtime Rastafari who has been walking this path for more than 25 years. Relying on the tools of the past he has managed to create a unique reggae sound by remaining true to the deep analog roots of reggae music. The result is an authentic roots and culture vibe which stands out in today’s overly digitalized music industry. King’s Music will become the showcase for the many works of this talented Rastafari Family.

Haile Selassie I the First.
The Jah Witness Family.



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