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“As much reggae as I listen to, a lot of the politics, history, and chronology has always been unclear to me. In his Image is very comprehensive and right on.”
– Martin Wong, Giant Robot Magazine

“I love this publication. It makes me dream of another time. Great work always touches the soul.”
– Jeniffer Zimmerman, Cannabis Culture Magazine

Back Matter:

Inspired by an extraordinary sixth century icon of Christ housed by St. Catherine’s Monastery (Sinai, Egypt) and its startling resemblance to former Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I, the man believed by millions to have been the re-embodiment of the Biblical Messiah, St. Paco (Paco Taylor) offers an intriguing essay in book form. An ambitious text that delves into the history of both ancient and modern Ethiopia, examines the origin of Jamaica’s Rastafari faith, explores the devotion of believers like the late reggae artist Bob Marley, and redefines the face of the Christian God.

Teaser text:

“The uncanny resemblance between the image of Christ painted on the weathered wooden slab and the former Ethiopian Emperor was haunting. Equally as haunting were the sweeping waves of recollection baptizing my memory; The legendary prophecy credited to Marcus Garvey, the scriptures drawn from the Bible likening Haile Selassie to the Messiah, and a convergence of events seventy years ago that converted several thousand Christianized Jamaicans into believers that the emperor of Ethiopia and the Messiah of the Bible were one and the same. And the longer I gazed at the strange and ancient portrait, the greater grew my cause to ponder whether the Rastas had been right.”

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