Today a bunch of new accounts started following me, and when I hit their page, I got the above image – “Please revalidate your credentials.” This is a phishing attempt.

Always look at the URL – it will be

if it’s not, DO NOT EVER enter your username or password. Alert Tumblr Support immediately and block that user. Tumblr will never ask you to “revalidate your credentials” in the even of adult content.

Also make sure to look at the upper right-hand corner. It will say “Follow” and “Dashboard” which is an indicator that this is a phishing account or bot, and not a Tumblr login.

Just thought I would give a heads up!

Reblogging this for all my followers. Don’t fall for it! 

for my followers as well. even tho i kno yall don’t fall for fuck shit like this anyway, right?


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