It should be noted:

The informer in the Buju Banton case told the Jury That Buju had no knowledge that there was coke in the warehouse.

The gun that Buju was charged with was actually found in the pocket of the informer. This charge was later dropped

A respected DEA Narcotics officer said on the stand that he had taken part in an investigation of Buju Banton. Over the course of this investigation there was no evidence that Buju Banton had any thing to do with distributing coke.

The informer in this case was financially rewarded for his hand in tarnishing the name of Buju Banton.

Now the Miami news papers along with many involved in law enforcement openly mock Buju with threats that his locks will be trimmed, his ital diet lost, and so on.

Jah Know what we are witnessing is more than just an artist being locked up.


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