Beautiful antique Coptic Cross w/ Hinge On Rasta Lace (C03)

From CrucialCulture

Beautiful antique Coptic Cross w/ Hinge On Rasta Lace (C03) zoom Welcome to The Crucial Culture Shop:
Ethiopia has a Christian tradition dating all the way back to the first century. The Ethiopian Coptic Cross has played a central role in that faith for the majority of that time. However, it was not until the 15th century when Emperor Zara Ya’eqob decreed that every Christian should wear a neck cross, that these unique, and beautiful, Ethiopian Coptic Crosses became jewelry. The pendants can be worn as is on the included Red Gold and Green Rasta lace, or they make wonderful centerpieces for other jewelry projects.
This beautiful antique Ethiopian Coptic Cross is designed in the AXUM style with a hinge. These hinged Ethiopian pendents are becoming harder to find as the market seems to fill with lower end and less ornate version of this ancient Ethiopian Art. Here is your chance to have your very own Ethiopian Coptic Cross complete with aprox. 32 inch Rasta Lace.
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Shipping will be Priority Mail by Weight. The item will ship within 24 hours of receiving payment.
Shipping requires delivery conformation.

I will ship International but it requires that you contact me before you make payment for your item. I will total the order and revise the listing after we agree to the terms of the sale. I will determine international shipping based on your location and revise the listing per our agreement. International shipping requires International tracking as per the terms of Pay Pal buyer/seller protection agreement. International Orders can take longer to ship. Up to 21 business days


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