Bob Marley, “Zimbabwe”

Survival has to be the most underrated Wailers album. Or maybe Kaya. “So Much Trouble in the World” is also really excellent. I recommend without reservation that you cop that album. Though neither are particularly “well-rounded” (e.g. fully representative of the Marley ouevre).

Every man got a right to decide his
Own destiny…

(On a slightly different note, Mugabe was a nasty figure from the start, right? I know his first decade in office is generally considered a success, put his politics were always heavily militarized & partisanly Maoist—people must have noticed that and commented internationally, right? Any Zimbabweans/African socialists who can comment on this for me? Like Hoxha, he admired Kim Il-Sung. As a Korean American, I intimately understand what an asshole you have to be to ever have thought the Kim dynasty was anything but evil as shit.)

Anyway, enjoy the song. Even though the stoned white Californians are a little distracting.


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