What appears to be about 1,000 Occupy Wall Street protestors have marched part of the way across the Brooklyn Bridge, stopped eastbound traffic, and are staying put under the western arches of the bridge with a heavy police presence. 

For a while, cars were stopped waiting for the march to continue, but they have all now turned around and gone the wrong way back west to Manhattan. For a moment it was a site to behold as a couple dozen cars made awkward U-turns in the narrow lanes, facing in all directions at once. Traffic on the other side, westbound, is fine. 

It’s been going on for about 15 minutes on the bridge so far, and some protesters seem to be trickling back to Manhattan. 

According to Occupy Wall Street organizers at least 20 people have already been arrested. Here’s the live stream for closeups. 

And I’m posting a few more pics, including one with the full arches visible to my twitter feed, @alexgoldmark, since this Tumblr seems very slow at loading now. 

and this still isn’t receiving as much media attention as it should. i saw fox news had been covering it last night, but since fox news isn’t a news source, i don’t think it really counts.


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