Blessed Love to all our Tumblr followers. Here at Crucial Culture We are thankful for the hundreds of people who are currently following all of our blogs. Please accept our 10% discount as a gift from us to you. Simply visit our Etsy Shop and enter the code word ROOTS at checkout. We love you all and your support in this time is needed and welcomed. JAH BLESS ONE AND ALL

Why should you support The Crucial Culture Shop? This is a simple answer really. Basically, this is not a traditional business. We are doing some business but we are a family. At the moment we do operate for profit but this is not the goal. We make the majority of our items in our home, and what we don’t make we order from other small artist sources. Essentially, we are building from the ground up.

I am currently in college and will graduate with a Political Science Degree, Small Business management Certificate, and a Non Profit Certification. I plan to turn this small family run business into a sustainable Non Profit which diverts funding into water treatment and education throughout Africa. 

I know this sounds like a great story but the question remains. How will I do this? So far we have maintained growth on a very tight budget. College costs are high, as is living costs. Sales are also way down. So I am in the process of doing all the work here on my own. I can not afford to hire, and the current economic climate does not look good for any business. Especially the tiny home run micro business. If our goals are to be reach we need your support. Join the Crucial Culture Family. Follow our Blog, visit our shop and please support Independent Rastafari families across the world. JAH BLESS U ALL….

(via The Crucial Culture Shop by CrucialCulture on Etsy)

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