White Lion Nyabinghi drum Rastafari Lion Of by RastaCultureShop

Greetings and One Love to One and All inna di nameHaile Selassie 1st Jah RastafariWelcome to “The Rasta Culture Shop”Your one stop one drop culture shop!Featured Here is an authentic Nyabinghi DrumRasta Drums has 20+ years in drum building experience and is a long time Rastaman.Today Rasta Drums Nyabinghi drums are played around the world.With drums in the Carribean, Africa, Asia, US and Europe. Nya Harps has also placed drums in all the mansions of Rastafari including the Theocratic Order of Nyabinghi, Bobo Ashanti, 12 Tribes of Israel and Orthodox.Custom orders are a pleasure and are always welcome.This listing allows you to choose either a kette repeatah or a Fundeh heartbeatIt would be an excellent choice for studio works , live stage show or any Nyabinghi Gathering.This drum is made from Eastern White PineIt features Ites Gold and Green w/ Lion of JudahIt measures Aprox 21″ tall with 7″ drum head for kette or 8” head for fundeh. Drum is made with hand shaved African goat skin.Pope ago feel it!!!Give thanks for Life and Jah Life Giver!Jah Rastafari!Our drums are made to order custom made and will ship in 7 to 10 business days. It could arrive at your gates within 14 to 21 business days. I will leave you positive feedback after you leave me a positive feedback rating. USPS tracking will be provided throughout the process.International orders should expect longer international shipping times. 28+Business DaysPlease contact us for international shipping information

via White Lion Nyabinghi drum Rastafari Lion Of by RastaCultureShop.


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