Reasoning on the Divinity of Haile Selassie

Reasoning on the Divinity of Haile Selassie. In response to yet another seeking to prove I&I wrong and challenge the livity. Today I want to start the energy with this. “The ROOT and The OFFSPRING of David. Now forward.

Haile Selassie I is a matter of FAITH. In these times there are many who are unwilling to take that leap of faith and that is expected. Haile Selassie sit upon the throne of David as the defender of the faith and the power of the holy trinity. I too know of these scriptures of which are spoken as well as the statements made by HIM in regards to Christ. Haile Selassie did not come to give a new message. Therefore why remove the message of CHRIST? Of course the manifestation of CHRIST in his KINGLY character is going to point to the message of CHRIST as the correct path. These are old arguments and old reasoninings which are removed by careful research and guidance into the teachings of Christ, Haile Selassie, and even Babylon history books. For 72 nation did bow down, A great rain did fall in Ethiopia, The skin is as burnt brass and the hair as wool. The pope, the Queen, The Presidents, and all the leaders of the world had to bow before THIS MAN.

The order was established long before I&I were here, and it persists all the way forward into this time. If you are honestly going to tell me that WHITE Babylonian kings Queens and elected officials were bowing to a tiny Black African out of simple respect you have lost me in your argument. These people bowed because they know the truth not because they respected a little 5 foot tall African King. Haile Selassie sat upon the only divinely established throne in all of creation. The root and offspring of David. Follow that message. Not only the root but also the offspring. The line is established through out all of history. Dig deeper, the truth is there to sight. Haile Selassie is a matter of FAITH.

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